Teaching and Educational Complex No. 1838
for the Deaf Children (Moscow, Russia)

About our school   In the teaching and educational complex 1838 the training and education of deaf children since preschool age is carried out. By finishing a complete course (preschool branch, younger school - 1-4 classes, senior school - 5-12 classes), children get knowledge in volume of the basic comprehensive school, get skill to perceive speech of the environmental people, and also ability to articulate speech.

At school the highly skilled teachers are working using modern techniques of training and the appropriate engineering. The large attention is given to health of children, a complex has some medical rooms, the modern therapeutical equipment and staff of the qualified experts.

It is possible to familiarize with a life of our school in more detail, by choosing the appropriate item from located at the left menu, thus of the name of units prepared with participation of our pupils or on the basis of their materials, are allocated with italics.

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